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Plantagenet Gin

Our new Plantagenet Gin is in production and will  be distributed by Amps Wine Merchants of Oundle.

Watch this space for news when it goes on sale!

All books can be purchased from the church – all at special prices.


King Richard III was born in Fotheringhay Castle in 1452. He was the last Plantagenet King and the last English King to be killed on the battlefield. He was also arguably one of the most controversial kings, accused by many of murdering his nephews in the Tower, but lauded by others for his skills as a ruler. The discovery of his body a year ago in a Leicester Car Park has brought new vigour to the arguments on all sides, as these books reveal.

“The Last Days of Richard III” by John Ashton-Hill
This is the book which inspired the amazing 2012 archeological dig in Leicester and the discovery of a king’s body under a car park, where it had lain for over 500 years. It provides a richly detailed account of how Richard spent his last 150 days, how he lost the Battle of Bosworth and what happened to his body after his death on the battle field. This new edition also reveals the fascinating story of how, after his body was discovered, Richard’s DNA link to a living relative proved his identity. Normally £9.99, special price £8 only.

“Ann Neville, Queen to Richard III” by Michael Hicks
Ann Neville was Queen to England’s most notorious king. She died before the age of thirty and this book charts the twists and turns of her “fraught and ultimately tragic life”. Richard was either involved in or responsible for the death of Anne’s first husband, her father, her father-in-law and brother-in-law, and was suspected of poisoning Anne herself. Normally £9.99 special price £8 only.

“Elizabeth Woodville, Mother of the Princes in the Tower” by David Baldwin
Elizabeth was the wife of Edward IV, Richard III’s brother and King before him. She is a controversial character in history, accused by some of bewitching Edward into marrying her. On his death, their marriage was declared illegal and Edward’s heirs illegitimate. “What was the fate of her two sons, the ‘Princes in the Tower’? What did she, of all people, think had become of them, and why did Richard mount a campaign of vilification against her?” David Baldwin tells the story of this complex queen and sets out to answer some of the questions surrounding her.
Normally £9.99 special price £8 only.

“Eleanor, The Secret Queen” by John Ashdown-Hill
Was Eleanor Talbot Edward IV’s first wife? This is one of history’s great mysteries. John Ashdown-Hill argues that she was and that therefore Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville was bigamous, making her children (The Princes in the Tower) illegitimate. Thus Eleanor was the reason why Richard III took the throne of England in 1483.
Normally £9.99 special price £8 only.

“We Speak No Treason – The White Rose Turned to Blood” by Rosemary Hawley Jarman
This novel is the second part of a sweeping epic about England’s last Plantagenet King, Richard III. It is the stormy fictional tale of the ” Nut-Brown Maid who loved and lost Richard, her gruelling ordeals at the hands of unscrupulous nuns, her courage in the face of danger, and a fateful reunion as the wheel comes full circle……” Normally £6.99 special price £5.50.