The Friends of Fotheringhay Church is a charitable organisation dedicated to restoring and preserving this magnificent 15th century church, St. Mary and All Saints, for worship and for the benefits of all who visit.

We are privileged to be able to look after a building that forms a link in an historical chain dating back to the glory days of the                  Plantagenet Kings and even before this, to the time of the Normans.

However, very old buildings come with a huge responsibility to care for them, and the cost of maintaining the fabric of the building, let alone improving the facilities, is extremely high.

We depend on the donations of those who visit us and on the        ability of generous supporters and villagers to raise funds as best we can.

We love our Church, it is the heart of Fotheringhay. We hope that you will come to visit and enjoy its peace and light and feel as we do, that this wonderful building must be kept alive and accessible for      future generations.

Lady Victoria Leatham, President of The Friends of Fotheringhay Church.

Chairman: Mr.Tim Stimpson

Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Simon Leatham

Honorary Secretary: Mr. Hugh Smith

St. Mary and All Saints Church, Fotheringhay, Peterborough, PE8 5HZ