Church Repairs

   May 2018

Tower scaffolding coming down!

We are very excited to be able to report that all the high-level repair works to the weathervane and the major repairs to the timbers and lead of the tower roof have been completed.

Also, the very high-level stonework repairs to the tower have been done and as a result the scaffolding has started to come down from the tower.  The amount of work has been vastly more than we had expected, and costs currently are around £200,000 over budget.  The HB Allen Charitable Trust has very generously offered to cover a major part of these costs and the cost of restoring the weathervane has been paid for by a new £10,000 grant from the Masons together with the fundraising opportunity provided by an open day and the unique opportunity of visits to the top of the scaffolding offered to friends on Saturday 21st April which raised £2,100.

We are now confident that the tower is watertight probably for the first time in a hundred years or more! We can now admire the falcon and fetterlock weathervane in all its re-gilded glory!

 There are still some stonework repairs to the tower walls, repair work to the windows in the tower and the cleaning of the big west window to be completed before the scaffolding can be taken down to ground level but this is all likely to be done within a month or so.

Replacement of the leadwork and supporting oak on the south aisle is nearly finished and similar work on the north aisle is well advanced.

Inside the church, work in the north aisle is well on the way to completion and the removal of the interior scaffolding will start soon.

The east end of the church needs more in the way of stonework repair and repointing than we had expected, and this will cost a considerable amount more than we had been expecting but we do not have final figures yet.


Reconstructed Lead Gutters
Tower Roof Access
Regilded Fetterlock and Falcon
March 2018
A selection of recent photographs of the church repairs.  The church is currently wearing it’s Winter coat and looks rather camouflaged in the snow!  Note that the new servery is now installed.
January 2018
Please click on the link below to read our report on repairs to the Church roof.
September 2017 Progress

“Roof Scaffolding tops out on 25th September 2017″

It is with great pleasure that we are able to post this picture of the church with the tower fully scaffolded.

The nave and side aisles are still to be scaffolded but the temporary roof will go on the tower and work on the tower roof could start next week!”

August 2017 Progress Report
The major programme of building work has now commenced and our preferred contractors are on site. The church is now subject to health and safety regulations and access will be restricted and at the discretion of the site manager.
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